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if you would like to commission me please email me to discuss your ideas

i like to draw and paint people and pets but i can make anything you like into a picture

my paintings are acrylic on canvas and i can work from life or photographs
my drawings are (mostly) pencil on paper

if you do not live in glasgow i ask that you pay postage and packaging fees

for paintings i ask for a £20 non-refundable deposit and the remainder including postage and packing to be paid once the painting is completed (and you are happy with it)

please note that my prices are intentionally low to be accessible to everyone whilst still covering material costs and paying me a fair wage. however if you can afford to pay more, please do.

prices are as follows:

small drawing (a5 or smaller)

big drawing (a4)

really big drawing (a3)

small painting

medium painting

big painting

massive painting

if you would like to commission me for design work (for example poster design) please email me to discuss your project and costs